Is Mana Wynwood unionized?

No, we are not unionized.

Is there A/C in the venue(s)?

In the Mana Wynwood Convention Center, which includes the Event Hall and Sound Stadium, there are 11 industrial A/C units. We typically charge anywhere from $500-$1,000 per day for use of the A/C. There is no A/C in the RC Cola Plant, as it is partially outdoors.

Is there parking at Mana Wynwood?

Yes, we have a 400-vehicle parking lot adjacent to the Mana Wynwood Convention Center. Parking entrances are located on NW 23rd Street between NW 5th Avenue and NW 2nd Avenue or on NW 2nd Avenue between NW 23rd Street and NW 22nd Street. The daily rate is between $10 and $25. We also have an additional 1,000 parking spots in our grass lots located west of the Convention Center. Contact us to learn more.

Can I hire my own production team and AV labor?

For electric and power, we require clients to use Mana Wynwood’s exclusive vendor, Liberty Mission Critical Services. All other staging and production or audio/visual work can be outsourced.

Can I hang AV equipment from the ceiling?

Yes, depending on weight.

What hotels are closest to Mana Wynwood?

We recommend that our clients and their guests stay in the Marriott Hotel on Biscayne Bay, which is 1.7 miles away from the Convention Center.

Is catering available?

Mana Wynwood does not have an exclusive, in-house catering team. If an event needs catering, our event planners can put the client in touch with one of our preferred vendors.

Can I hire food trucks for my event?

Yes, Mana Wynnwod hosts many of South Florida’s finest food trucks on a regular basis.

Is cooking allowed inside Mana Wynwood?

Clients and vendors cannot cook inside the Mana Wynwood Convention Center. We do allow cooking to take place in the RC Cola Plant and in our main parking lot.

Is vaping or smoking allowed inside Mana Wynwood?

Vaping is allowed inside the Mana Wynwood Convention Center for events that do not permit minors. Smoking is not allowed inside the Convention Center, but it is allowed in the RC Cola Plant and surrounding outdoor properties.

Until what time can my event play music and serve alcohol?

Clients can play music and serve liquor until 3 AM.

Is complimentary WiFi available?

No, we do not offer complimentary WiFi. Clients must work with our exclusive internet vendor to access WiFi for their event.

Are hoverboards, wheelies, skateboards, or drones allowed inside Mana Wynwood?

Yes, hoverboards, wheelies, skateboards, and drones are permitted inside both the Convention Center and the RC Cola Plant.

Is currency exchange available inside the building?

No, we do not provide currency exchange.

How far is the airport from Mana Wynwood?

Mana Wynwood is conveniently located 7.1 miles from Miami International Airport and 6.9 miles from the Amtrak Station.

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